Thursday, 21 March 2013

Update from Get Ergonised

Get Ergonised is blogging again! 

Yes, it has been a while between blogs (oops) but we're back! As a quick update, Get Ergonised has continued to provide services to businesses in Sydney and Melbourne, and has kept spreading the word on good ergonomics to anyone who will listen. Linda, the director, is currently 7 months pregnant with her first baby, so will be taking a short break from mid-May - July 2013, however will then be well and truly back on board!

Until then, Get Ergonised will be running as usual. So if your company has been considering getting ergonomic assessments completed for their employees, now is a great time to contact Linda to arrange them. Check out the website for a special offer on full day rates - great value! 

1300 820 877