Monday, 22 August 2011

Office Chairs Aren't Lounges

Are you a Slumper?

Check your sitting posture right now.. Is your back in contact with the backrest of your chair? Is your bottom at the very back of the seat? Are your feet flat on the floor or footrest? Are you even sitting on a standard office chair with swivel and adjustable footrest?

If you answered no to any of these questions you are very likely making your body sore without even realising it! When you sit with your hips lower than your knees or your bottom forward from under your shoulders, your pelvis tilts backwards and your body slumps. This then leads to your low back arching backward and your upper back and neck compensating by arching forward. Not so comfortable right? Not sitting upright in a supportive chair can bring on different area of pain in different people. One person may experience low back pain, while another may get neck pain or headaches.

Posture is simply a habit you develop, so to improve your sitting posture, give yourself little reminders such as post-it notes that you can stick onto your monitor that reads: Sit Up! or Sit Straight! It may not give you perfect posture all the time, but if you adjust yourself to an upright sitting posture every time you see the note, it'll definitely be a move in the right direction!


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