Monday, 2 April 2012

How much is your career worth to you?

Firstly, apologies for the missed blog last fortnight. I've just returned from a wonderful honeymoon in Western Australia. We travelled from Albany to Exmouth, seeing beautiful landscapes and having amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences like swimming with Whale Sharks! I did notice however (can't ever switch off the ergonomic consultant in me), the challenges of using a laptop when travelling... more on that in the next blog, however in the meantime, I came across this blog today from Less Wrong. Worth a read:

Spend Money on Ergonomics

34Kevin23 December 2011 06:40AM
Warning: This is an applied rationality post, about rationality applied to a specific area of life, not a generalized rationality post.
Ergonomics is incredibly important. Sadly, so many of us in the techno-geek cluster ignore well-defined best practices of ergonomics and develop the infamous hunched back of late night computer toiling.
Seriously, ergonomics is basically a solved problem. The mathematics of anthropometry in relation to body mechanics and repetive stressors on the body are quite well understood.
I am here to offer you a basic, incredibly important, yet widely ignored lesson of rationality.
Spend money on ergonomics!
I really can't emphasize this enough. It's such low hanging fruit, yet I know way too many master aspiring rationalists with egregious ergonomic setups.
It is accepted wisdom on Less Wrong that optimizing your career is important, because you'll spend 80,000 hours working on your career. Strikingly, ergonomics presents an even larger time-based optimization opportunity. With straightforward monetary investment, you can dramatically improve the next hundreds of thousands of hours of your life. The effect size here is just enormous. Spend money on ergonomics, and you will be less fatigued, more energetic, more productive, and healthier into the later years of your life.
Get Ergonised can help you feel better at work by completing preventative or comprehensive workstation assessments in your workplace or home office. Training in ergonomics is also a valuable and cost-effective way to get the message across to employees and managers. 
Visit the website today!

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