Monday, 14 May 2012

It's a bit nippy!

It almost feels like winter already! I suppose we're not that far off the chilliest season of the year, 2012 is really zooming along, isn't it? 

With the cold comes coats.. and scarves.. and boots.. and gloves. But despite piling on the layers, most people will be walking around outside with their arms crossed, head tucked down and shoulders hitched up, bracing themselves against the chilly air. And for your body, that means TENSION!

Think of the soothing feeling of a lovely massage in a nice heated room. Firm, warm fingers run up and down your back, relaxing your muscles, easing away the knots.. Think how nice this feels, so calm, so relaxed.. Now read the 2nd paragraph again and imagine the difference your body feels when trying to keep warm in the cold. Such a contrast!

For people who have been feeling aches and pains for the past few months, the start of winter will likely exacerbate those symptoms, purely due to how we tend to hold ourselves when cold. The more tense the muscles, the more significant the pain. The more pain we feel, the more tense we hold ourselves.. it's a lose / lose situation.

To try to break the cycle, we need to see what factors we can control:

1. The weather? Not the last time I tried.

2. Our clothing? Yes, layer away! Don't be afraid to pull the thermals out if it gets much colder than it did this morning. The main areas to remember to keep warm are your neck (a nice chunky scarf will do the trick), hands (woollen gloves), feet and head (to retain the heat). Of course the rest of you will be covered up too!

3. Ourselves? Yes again. When you notice yourself tensing up in the cold, make a conscious effort to roll your shoulders back, lift up your head and straighten your back.. and then take a deep breath and notice your body relaxing with the outward breath. My Get Ergonised clients will know how fond I am of visual prompts, so find something visual that will remind you to check your winter posture... whether it be any time you see someone in a red coat, or wearing a hat.. you get the idea. A visual reminder, just for you... just for your body.

Keep yourself warm, keep yourself ergonised.

Until next time,

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