Sunday, 27 May 2012

Queen's birthday special: The painful facts about high-heels

This is one for all the women out there: Are you a flats or heels girl? 

I for one am a flats girl. The handful of times I have worn heels for short periods, I've ended up with terrible blisters and sore feet - an instant reinforcement for me that I should get back into my comfy flats asap! I've seen many women (with back or hip problems) lament about the fact that they can no longer wear heels.. they no longer have a choice, but many still do. Have a think about what heels are doing to your body - the higher the heel, the greater the damage. If the thought of wearing flats causes involuntary shivers down your spine, try a smaller heel, one that doesn't make you topple if you take a misstep. Don't believe me? Read the fact sheet below:

Problems from back pain to joint degeneration to ingrown toenails can accompany the wearing of those stylish pumps.

Scary huh?

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